School Hours & Attendance

Hours of Instruction

School commences at 8.40am.  Children are requested not to arrive at school prior to 8.25am for duty of care reasons.  Should this be a necessity or an emergency, those children arriving prior to 8.25am are required to go straight to the undercover area and wait, seated there until the duty teacher dismisses them at 8.25am into the care of their class teachers.  This applies to all children including those with a parent accompanying them.  Students arriving after 8.40am will need to sign in on the iPad located in the ESC Admin foyer.

Absence from School

Attendance targets are set for all children by the Department of Education and state government.  We are required to report individuals whose attendance falls below the required level.  We ask parents to support their children being at school and not taking days off unless they are ill or attending appointments that cannot be scheduled at other times.


If your child is absent parents are requested to contact the school before 9.00am by telephone, email or by sending a text message to 0438 960 869 (no calls).  A written note of explanation can also be provided on their return to school.  This is a legal requirement of parents and the school is obliged to enforce compliance.

Siren Times


8.40am                   Siren – instructional program starts

10.50am – 11.10am    Recess

1.10pm – 1.50pm       Lunch

2.55pm                   Siren – home


Wednesdays – early close

2.30pm                   Siren – home