School Board

Our Board is a joint board servicing both the Primary School and the Education Support Centre. The School Board comprises representation from our school parent community, the wider community and school staff groups. The purpose of the School Board is to assist with determining the school’s purpose and direction and provide advice in setting priorities in our Business Plan. In addition, the Board approves budgets, contributions and charges and reviews student progress. Parent representatives are elected to the Board by parents of the school or invited as Community Members to the Board.

Your Board representatives are:

Steve Richards        Principal PS                   Karen Efferille      Parent

Julie Dawson           Principal ESC                 Emi-Leigh Johns   Parent

Marnie Kehoe          Chairperson                  Ben Knight           Staff

Sharnelle Pratt         Staff                          Michael Kimbar       Parent

Ann-Maree Melvin      Staff                           Sarah Skrgic         Parent

Sharon Millson          Staff                            Marnie Brady         Parent

Audry Turner         Community