The TEACCH Autism Program is a research program based at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. This program helps to organise your child’s physical and social environment through visual supports. This assists your child during daily tasks to know what is happening, how long the task will take, what will come next and when it will be finished. It promotes meaningful engagement in activities, independence and       self-efficacy needed for lifelong learning. This teaching approach is very structures and uses clear schedules that children can understand.  It is not a curriculum, but instead a framework to support achievement of education al goals.  The framework includes: 

1. Physical organisation

2. Individualised schedules

3. Work (Activity) systems

4. Visual structure of materials in tasks and activities

The staff at Wirrabirra Education Support Centre have implemented this philosophy throughout our centre. We have a leadership team assisting in the implementation of TEACCH in our school. This team has supported and mentored all staff so consistency and continuity is maintained across the whole school.

Using individual timetables along with start and finished boxes.
Using the classroom visual schedule
Using the classroom visual schedule