Medical Forms

It is important to advise the school of any medical conditions that may affect your child whilst at school.  The Department of Education requires all parents and carers to complete a Health Care Summary when students are first enroled into a school, and must be updated if there are any changes.  There may be further medical details required to assist us in supporting your child whilst they are at school.

In most instances giving medication to students can be managed by the parents.  Where regular ongoing prescription medication has to be given, we require that parents make arrangements through the school office.  We need to have doctor’s instructions and student medication requests completed before the school can agree to give prescription medication to students.  This is the policy for all schools.  Students are not to keep any form of medication in their school bag.  As policy states, it is kept in a locked area.

The exception to this rule is asthma medication.  Students who are on regular asthma medication need to inform the school regarding the degree of severity of the asthma and the amount of relieving medication required.

If your child needs medication administered at school please complete this form and return to your class teacher with the medication.